Track Record

Since 2006 Great Yarmouth based Seajacks have grown to own a fleet of 5 vessels, Seajacks Kraken, Leviathan, Zaratan, Hydra and Scylla. With these vessels Seajacks have operated worldwide in harsh conditions for both the Oil and Gas and Offshore Wind industries.


2022 Campaign

Hydra O&M accommodation support


Akita & Noshiro WTG installation

Zaratan installed 33 MHI Vesta V117-4.2 MW wind turbines

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Greater Changhua Offshore Wind

Scylla installed Siemens Gamesa 8MW turbines off the Coast of Changhua County

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Akita & Noshiro foundation installation

Zaratan installed 33 monopile foundations

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Moray East foundation installation

Scylla installation of jacket foundations for MHI Vestas 9.5MW turbines


Akita Port and Noshiro Port contract award

Seajacks International has been awarded the contract to transport and install 33 WTG foundations, commencing in 2021

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Formosa 2 Offshore wind farm contract award

Seajacks International has been conditionally awarded the turbine installation contract for Formosa 2 Offshore wind farm

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Deutsche Bucht installation

Scylla installed monobuckets & MHI Vestas 8.4MW turbines


Formosa 1 - Phase 2

Seajacks Zaratan successfully installed 20 x Siemens Gamesa 6MW turbines


Hohe See OSS support

Hydra & Kraken provided accommodation support at the Hohe See offshore substation


Deutsche Bucht foundation installation

Scylla installed 31 monopile foundations and transition pieces


Greater Gabbard gearbox exchange

Hydra successfully completed gearbox exchange works


Beatrice OFW substation support

Seajacks supplied accommodation and crane vessel support at Beatrice offshore substations


Walney Extension turbine installation

MHI Vestas 8MW & Siemens 7MW turbines were installed by Seajacks Scylla


Veja Mate turbine installation

Seajacks Scylla assisted with the installation of Siemens 6MW turbines for the Veja Mate offshore wind farm


Veja Mate foundation installation

Seajacks Scylla & Zaratan worked in tandem to install Veja Mate monopiles & transition pieces


Seajacks Scylla Naming Ceremony

Over 400 guests arrived in Great Yarmouth Port to watch Seajacks Scylla's naming ceremony

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Seajacks Scylla delivered

Seajacks most advanced vessel to date, Seajacks Scylla has been delivered from Samsung Heavy Industries.


Seajacks Scylla successfully launched

Seajacks Scylla successfully launched from Samsung Heavy Industry's Geoje yard in South Korea


Sheringham Shoal O&M

Seajacks Leviathan completed a full gearbox exchange on 2 Sheringham Shoal turbines which were recommissioned in a cost effective and timely manner.

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Seajacks Hydra joins Global Tech I

Seajacks Hydra joined other installation vessels working on Global Tech I to support the commissioning of the 80 x 5MW turbines.

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Seajacks Hydra's Safety Case Accepted

Seajacks UK has presented a safety case for Seajacks Hydra which has now been accepted be the UK Health & Safety Executive Energy Division.

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Seajacks Hydra arrives at SylWin Alpha

Seajacks Hydra began her first project at SylWin Alpha.

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Seajacks Hydra delivered ahead of schedule

Seajacks’ Fleet grows again with the on schedule delivery of our fourth vessel Seajacks Hydra from Lamprell Energy, Dubai.

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Seajacks Hydra Naming Ceremony

Hydra's naming ceremony took place at Lamprell Energy in Dubai.


Seajacks completes construction on Meerwind Offshore Wind Park

Seajacks Zaratan successfully completed the construction of 80 turbines on Germany’s first privately financed offshore wind farm, Meerwind Süd | Ost.

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Seajacks Zaratan installs final turbine at Meerwind Offshore Wind Park

The final blade at the 288MW Meerwind offshore wind farm in the German North Sea was installed by Seajacks Zaratan.

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Shadow Energy Minister visits Seajacks House

Seajacks UK hosts Shadow Energy Minister, Julie Elliott, MP for discussions on Labour’s energy policy.

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Seajacks Hydra’s Successful Float Test

Seajacks Hydra successfully completed her first load out on schedule.

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Seajacks supports call to commit the UK to a low carbon power sector by 2030

Seajacks has today joined 35 other green groups, faith bodies and energy developers to urge Members of Parliament to support the inclusion of a 2030 de-carbonisation target in the Energy Bill which is currently going through Parliament.

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Seajacks hosts Energy Minister for roundtable discussions on energy in East Anglia

Seajacks was delighted to host the Energy Minister, Rt. Hon. Michael Fallon, MP at our Great Yarmouth offices for a roundtable event on the energy opportunity in East Anglia.

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Seajacks installs first turbine at Meerwind Wind Park

Seajacks installation vessels Leviathan and Zaratan departed from the port of Esbjerg during the 16th and 17th July 2013, to begin installing the first batch of 80 Siemens 3.6MW offshore turbines at Meerwind Offshore Wind Park.


Construction of Scylla announced

Seajacks International has entered into a contract with Samsung Heavy Industries to build Seajacks Scylla, the world's largest and most advanced offshore wind farm installation vessel.

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Occupational Health and Safety Award for Seajacks

Seajacks has been awarded BS OHSAS 18001 Certification, a world wide recognised Health and Safety Standard.

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Seajacks Japan launched

Marubeni and INCJ established Seajacks Japan Ltd, a 100% group company of Seajacks International Limited (UK; acquired jointly by Marubeni and INCJ in May 2012).

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Kraken sails towards four years without a lost time incident

Kraken sails towards four years without a lost time incident The Kraken, which was Seajacks’ first vessel and launched in 2009, has a perfect record since delivery and is currently at 1441 days.

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Seajacks Zaratan completes monopile installation at Meerwind

Seajacks Zaratan completes monopile installation at Meerwind At 22:00 on Sunday 21st April, Seajacks Zaratan completed hammering of the 80th and final monopile at the Meerwind Offshore Wind Park in Germany.

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Seajacks Zaratan installs 3 monopiles in just 36 hours

Following the news that almost 60 monopiles had been completed on 18 March, specialised jack-up vessel Seajacks Zaratan continues installation at a rapid pace at the Meerwind Offshore Park, installing 3 monopiles in just under 1 and a half days.

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Seajacks Hydra Steel Cutting

The official Steel Cutting Ceremony for Seajacks’ fourth vessel was held on 20 November 2012 at Lamprell’s Hamriyah facility in Dubai.

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Environmental Reward for Seajacks

Following an assessment by an independent body, Seajacks has been awarded ISO 14001 Certification.

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Seajacks Zaratan successfully undertakes O&M work for DONG Energy

Seajacks Zaratan, the newest addition to Seajacks’ self-propelled jack-up fleet, was contracted to perform Operation and Maintenance (O&M) work on the Gunfleet Sands offshore windfarm.

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Seajacks orders fourth jack-up vessel

Seajacks has placed an order with Lamprell for the construction of a new self-propelled jack-up vessel, specifically designed for installation and maintenance services in the offshore wind and oil and gas sectors.

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Turbine installation complete at Sheringham Shoal

Seajacks Leviathan installed the final blade of the eighthy-eighth and last wind turbine at Sheringham Shoal.

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Seajacks takes delivery of Seajacks Zaratan

Seajacks has taken delivery of Seajacks Zaratan, a state-of-the-art jack-up vessel purpose built for the offshore wind industry.

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Seajacks Zaratan Commences Sea Trials

Seajacks Zaratan commences her sea trials on schedule from Lamprell Energy.


Marubeni Corporation and INJC acquire Seajacks International

Marubeni Corporation (Marubeni) and the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) agree to acquire Seajacks International from Riverstone Holdings LLC.

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Seajacks Kraken awarded 2 year contract by NAM and Shell UK

Seajacks Kraken has been contracted by NAM and Shell UK Limited to work on one of the largest well repair and maintenance campaigns in the Southern North Sea.

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Seajacks Leviathan Contracted to Join Installation Fleet at Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm

Seajacks Leviathan has been contracted to install wind turbines from February through to July 2012 at the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm.

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Wind turbine installation at Walney 2 completed

In the night of 22 September, the last blade on the last wind turbine at Walney 2 was installed.

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Seajacks Leviathan return to Greater Gabbard

Leviathan will transit from Mostyn to Harwich to prepare for work at Greater Gabbard. Seajacks have already installed 73 turbines at Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm.


Seajacks work at Meerwind Offshore Wind Park

Seajacks have been announced as main installation contractor for Meerwind Offshore Wind Park which consists of 80 Siemens 3.6MW wind turbines.

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Seajacks at the heart of ‘Intense installation activity’ at Walney 2

Seajacks Leviathan and Kraken continue to work in tandem, installing Siemens 3.6MW WTGs at a rapid pace on Walney 2 Offshore Wind Farm.


Seajacks Kraken & Leviathan mobilise for Walney 2 Project

Seajacks Kraken and Seajacks Leviathan will transit to Falmouth Harbour where they will undergo mobilisation for Walney 2 Offshore Wind Farm

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Seajacks Zaratan Steel Cutting

Lamprell Energy PLC begin work on Seajacks' new vessel, Seajacks Zaratan.


Seajacks UK confirm Seajacks Zaratan build

Seajacks has entered into a contract with Lamprell Energy PLC to construct Seajacks Zaratan, a Gusto MSC NG5500C jack-up vessel.

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Seajacks Leviathan Delivered

Seajacks' second vessel, Seajacks Leviathan has been delivered on time and on budget from Lamprell Energy, Dubai.


Seajacks Kraken Delivered

Seajacks' first vessel, Seajacks Kraken is delivered on schedule and budget from Lamprell Energy, Dubai.

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