Seajacks Japan launched

June 3, 2013

pr - Seajacks Japan launched

Marubeni and INCJ established Seajacks Japan Ltd, a 100% group company of Seajacks International Limited (UK; acquired jointly by Marubeni and INCJ in May 2012).

Increasing offshore wind projects combined with the planned backup of governmental support ensures Japan is rapidly attracting focus as one of the next major sources of renewable energy. Combined with the Asian offshore wind market, it is expected to grow to rank with the huge European market in the future. Seajacks Japan will conduct sales and marketing activities mainly targeting the offshore wind market in Japan and other Asian countries.

Seajacks International Ltd has installed over 830 MW of turbines in European waters and is currently constructing an additional 288 MW at the Meerwind Offshore Wind Park in Germany. By combining Seajacks’ know-how in the offshore wind market with Marubeni and INCJ’s experience, Seajacks Japan aim to support the expanding growth of the Japanese and Asian offshore wind markets.

Since 2009, Seajacks vessels have installed more than 230 wind turbine generator. Seajacks is currently acting as Main Installation Contractor for WindMW’s Meerwind Offshore Wind Park in Germany.

In addition to installing all 80 monopiles, transition pieces and WTGs at the site, Seajacks has also partnered with other industry leaders to provide a range of end-to-end services to its client, including the installation of scour protection and noise mitigation measures.

Seajacks is dedicated to becoming a world leading service provider for the installation, maintenance, repair, hook-up and commissioning of offshore wind farms.

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