In summer 2009, TAQA contracted the Seajacks Kraken to host intervention operations carried out by the Well Service Alliance for 3 subsea wells in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. Seajacks Kraken was ideally suited to this particular campaign, since transit times between platforms were reduced by the vessel’s manoeuvring and D.P. capability.

All well service equipment was installed on the Kraken during a short remobilisation. One particular advantage with our vessels is that all equipment can be installed in port, and they can sail to the platform fully prepared to commence intervention.

The versatility of the Kraken as a hosting vessel was well demonstrated. The project required the installation of flare booms on the port and starboard sides of the vessel. To this end, a boom suspension system was engineered, fabricated and installed. The project also needed extensive diving and R.O.V support.

A structure to host the launch and recovery system (LARS) for the divers was constructed on the stern; An R.O.V. LARS was located on the port side. Additionally, a project-specific counter-lever deck was fitted to provide a safe working platform for Coiled Tubing and wireline operations.

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